About Us

CLIC is a cancer and leukemia center that offers you a chance for healthy living. We diagnose and treat most types of cancer, including breast, prostate, throat, lymphomas, pancreatic, cervical cancer, as well as leukemia. Our main goal is keeping you acknowledged of your condition and increasing you chances for recovery.

Our Equipment

Cancer can be beaten more successfully now, as technologies develop, not leaving medicine aside. We get more and more sophisticated equipment every couple of years. Our technical devices can diagnose cancer on early stages, which increases chances for safe recovery dramatically. We get used to new technologies quickly, so the diagnostic process takes minimum time and is painless.

Our Team

We hire the best professionals in the field to consult and treat cancer at their best. These people are not only oncology specialists, they are also good psychologists. The thought of getting cancer often paralyses people, and when results are positive, there has to be somebody near the person who knows that it’s not as scary as it seems. Our doctors will calm you down and ensure your fast recovery if possible.

Our Approach

Our center offers every patient an individual approach, according to the needs of every person, the type of physical and psychological treatment needed, and cancer side effects one suffers from. The nurses and doctors choose the best treatment based on your body condition, the stage of disease, etc. Choosing an appropriate way to treat cancer is essential for one’s recovery, so we give enough effort to decide what to do with every single case individually.

Our Experience

We cooperate with other centers and hospitals to exchange experience and share the most innovative ideas on diagnosing and treating cancer. Our specialists attend lectures and conferences, keeping in touch with other professionals from different corners of the world. They attend proficiency and qualification courses, as most of them think there is no ideal doctor, and there is always something new they can learn.

Our Services

Clic provides consultation and treatment of most types of cancer. The first thing you have to do is to contact us and schedule a consultation. After this step you will be diagnosed, and we will work on further prophylaxis or treatment procedures. You will be assigned to one doctor who will become your friend and teacher throughout the process of treatment.

For any further information on our services, prices, qualifications, or any other information, please contact us using the most suitable way for you.