11 Most Important Things You Should Know About Cancer

Cancer can be cured nowadays, but it is still on the top of the killing diseases in both developed and developing countries. About 35% who get cancer don’t make it through the disease, and many factors contribute to such a situation. They include bad dieting, high costs for cancer treatment, and lack of information. Eliminating of the latter may improve modern people health condition greatly and result in cancer prevention.


Learning More About Cancer

  1. Cancer is the name used for over 100 diseases, as abnormal cells can occur in any system of your body, harming healthy cells and damaging your health with tumors and multiple side effects.
  2. About 5-10% of cancers are genetic-based, yet it doesn’t mean that abnormal cells are more active within your family. You may have the same habits as your parents, including diet and smoking, which may result in cancer.
  3. One more factor that contributes to cancer development is environment. If it’s polluted, there’s a bigger possibility of getting the disease. Look at your work place and house, think of cleaning them from pollution and toxins in sake of future cancer prevention.
  4. About 22% of all deaths from cancer are caused by lung cancer people get from smoking. It’s not the tobacco you use that is the culprit, but the chemicals called carcinogens that are used in the process of manufacturing cigarettes.
  5. Lack of sleep also makes your chances for cancer prevention less. You have to get at least 6 hours of good night sleep to have your health condition normal. Unfortunately, many people underestimate this part of their lifestyle.
  6. Nitrates we get with food is another cause for cancer development. Any product that contains sodium nitrate or potassium nitrite must be avoided. Drinking water also has to be filtered, as there are nitrates that are used to filter fertilizers from it.
  7. One in eight deaths worldwide is from cancer, and about 70% of those happen to people who have low or middle budget. On the other hand, after 5 years of research about 33 million people cured cancer, which is suggested to be a bigger number than earlier.
  8. 58% of cancer cases are within people of 65+ age group in developed countries, while in developing areas this age group gets 40% of all cases.ribboning
  9. Overweight people are more likely to fail cancer prevention. It accounts to most diseases, as well as possible cancer-trigger diabetes, which is also more likely to be gained by an overweight or obese person.
  10. It’s important to find out you have cancer as soon as possible. Unfortunately, symptoms are not shown in ovarian, lung, and colon cancers until the cells get to other body systems.
  11. A healthy diet is crucial in cancer prevention, yet many people underestimate this measure. By eating much can foods, sugar, flour, etc. you increase the possibility of cancer development. Anti-cancer foods and drinks are: kale, avocados, berries, green tea, etc.

By changing your lifestyle, you can decrease your chances for getting cancer greatly. Think of your environment, sleeping time, and diet, and don’t forget to schedule a diagnostic procedure at least once a year.